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Pink Tuesday

Ending period poverty one cycle at a time!

Wear Pink + Tag @adranafrance on Facebook + Instagram Tuesday, March 19th!
Use hashtag #pinktuesday24
Make your donations today!

The Problem

The harsh reality is that everyday women and girls have to make a choice to miss work or school, using toilet paper or risking their health by wearing sanitary products longer than recommended due to limited access to sanitary products.  Period poverty causes physical, mental and emotional challenges.

toilet paper with words not a pad period poverty

The Solution

There are many components to solving Period poverty for good, but every piece supports the solution.  Our goal is to first meet the need by providing sanitary and personal hygiene to those who need it most while supporting other projects and initiatives to support women's health across the board.

picture of menstrual  products tampons feminine hygiene products period poverty
Hygiene Products


purchase feminine products

Milk Bath


purchase basic hygiene toiletries

Woman Tutoring Child


provide personal hygiene education

My Mission

My ultimate mission is to make #periodpoverty a thing of the past with the goal that no woman or girl has to choose between food and pads, missing work or school, feeling shame and embarrassment or risk health issues because they do not have access to the proper sanitary products.  You can join me by donating products or making a donation towards the purchase of products!

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