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Pink Leaves

Round the way girl saved by grace.

Mental Health Advocate.

Philanthropist. Author.



Regardless of where and when you've met Adrana, the core of who she is has always remained the same.  Your home girl's favorite home girl, an advocate of mental health, and someone who is always giving back, while being a good wife, mother, sister and friend!

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Introducing SIPS

Sisters in Personal Spaces

SIPS consists of weekly Facebook LIVE discussions about life - the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between! Adrana encourages women to live their beautiful life in Christ without reservation, trusting in who God called them to be while encouraging them to be good stewards of their lives and all God has placed in their hands. Grab something to SIP on and meet me here!

Let's have some real talk. In a safe place.

You can SIP with us!

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Black & White

Wear Pink on #PinkTuesday!

Ending Period Poverty one cycle at a time!

What is Period Poverty? Period poverty is defined as the struggle many low-income women and girls face while trying to afford menstrual products. Period poverty affects their ability to afford basic feminine hygiene products which ultimately affects their ability to work and/or attend school.  

Pink Tuesday is a biannual campaign created by Adrana designed to bring awareness to period poverty and raise funds to purchase basic feminine hygiene products for the community.

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Pink Tuesday
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